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File Insurance Claims the Easy Way

Trust Daniel’s Auto Glass When Your Windshield Cracks or Breaks

It’s always best to file insurance claims the easy way. Admittedly, insurance claims can sometimes be tough to deal with. Insurance companies have leaned on modern technology, such as smartphone apps, to streamline the claims process. However, windshield cracks and the following insurance claims can still be a headache. We here at Daniel’s Auto Glass in Bassett, VA, understand this. We know that you handle enough stress in your day-to-day life, let alone dealing with a crack in your windshield. That is why we want to make it possible for you to file insurance claims the easy way. We are South-Central Virginia’s windshield repair experts, and we care about every aspect of the job, including insurance claims.

With this is mind, we want to use our blog this month to discuss insurance claims and the easy way to submit them. Last month, we let you know that, yes, we will work with your insurance to repair that windshield or glass. Now, we want to discuss how Daniel’s Auto Glass can make the process as easy as possible for you.

Auto Insurance is a Great Thing

First, the obvious; auto insurance is a great thing. Without it, you would pay a great deal of money out of pocket after an accident or some other mishap. The very definition of the word “insure” means to secure payment in the event of a loss or damage. So, while you may not like paying premiums each month, insurance comes in quite handy when you have an accident.

Does auto insurance cover windshield or auto glass damages, though? It sure does. According to ValuePenguin.com, comprehensive insurance protects your car, truck, or SUV from any damage not caused by another driver or vehicle. This kind of damage is referred to as an “act of God.” These “acts” include windshield or auto glass damage caused by tree branches, rocks, or even baseballs or vandalism. Please double-check, however, that your particular policy does include windshield damage.

The Headache of Windshield Damage

Just picture it: You drive down the road on a beautiful day. The sun shines, and nice breezes blow. It’s the kind of day that will make you believe that nothing can go wrong. All of a sudden, the way these things happen, a passing car kicks up a stone and cracks your windshield. We have all heard that sound, and we are all familiar with that discouraged feeling that comes with it. This is a headache that you could do without. It has to be fixed; there’s no questioning that. But with everything that you must accomplish daily, that small stone added a big task to your to-do list. Not only do you need a reliable auto glass company, but you will now have to file an insurance claim.

Let Daniel’s Auto Glass Help You File Insurance Claims the Easy Way

Don’t worry. Our team here at Daniel’s Auto Glass will help you to file insurance claims the easy way. We’ve already mentioned that we accept claims from all insurance companies. And we will always give you a free quote on our work. But we don’t stop there. We can’t stop there because we set the standard for customer service in South-Central Virginia.

In fact, we have earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Our team deals with insurance companies every day, so we will help you file your insurance claim. We have the knowledge and experience to make it an easy process for you. From Bassett to Roanoke and Rocky Mount, you can trust Daniel’s Auto Glass. We will make sure to assist you and allow you to file insurance claims the easy way.

We Are South-Central Virginia’s Auto Glass Specialist

We mentioned above that we set the standard for customer service in South-Central Virginia. That, however, would be worthless if we didn’t set the standard for windshield and auto glass repair and replacement work. You can trust Daniel’s Auto Glass for reliable, high-quality auto glass services. We truly are South-Central Virginia’s auto glass specialist.

We even offer superior auto glass tinting and auto detailing services. And if you can’t make it to us when you need windshield repairs or replacement, we can come to you. The next time a stone chips or cracks your windshield, don’t stress. You have Daniel’s Auto Glass in your corner. Whether you live or work in Bassett, Roanoke, Rocky Mount, or the surrounding areas, we will be there for you.

Call Daniel’s Auto Glass in Bassett, VA, now at (540) 489-4013. Like us on Facebook for updates on our auto glass services, and more! We always provide free quotes on our repair, replacement, and auto detailing services. We are the windshield replacement and repair experts in Bassett, Roanoke, Rocky Mount, and the surrounding areas. Let us help you to file insurance claims the easy way.