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Tinting and UV Ray Protection in Cars

Daniel’s Auto Glass Installs Excellent Window Tinting for Your Vehicle

Daniel’s Auto Glass in Bassett, VA, can help with your window tinting and UV ray protection in cars. Even though you might be in your car, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Tinting has a great track record of keeping those sun rays out and keeping you safe. It’s also great for keeping your interior looking great. We’re blogging this month, courtesy of Car and Driver, about how tinting can protect you from UV rays.

Tinting Adds More Protection Against UV Rays in Your Vehicle

The standard glass you see in cars nowadays offer some protection from these rays. Tinting offers an extra layer that not only helps protect you, it also helps maintain the interior for longer periods. Your upholstery, carpeting, and dashboard tend to fade after sun exposure.

Tinting Increases Your Personal Safety and Security

If you have valuables locked in your car, tinting can help give you an added layer of protection. That means you can reduce your risk of theft. Make sure, though, you roll your windows down completely, though, if a police officer pulls you over. Tinted windows have a great record against the damage sustained in accidents, which helps reduce your risk of injury. That is because you are not dealing with as much shattered glass.

Keep in Mind There Are Legal Limits Depending on Where You Live

Even though reducing the amount of UV rays into your car is nice, there are limits to what the law permits. Laws prevent you from using certain colors, and require you to allow some light into your car. You should consult with your authorities regarding what the law permits in the state of Virginia.

Daniel’s Auto Glass Offers Quality Llumar Automotive Tint

Llumar’s superior window tinting technology gives your car a slick and secure look. This window tinting comes in a variety of style, and won’t break the bank. You can get ceramic, metalized, dyed, and clear auto tint. Check out their website for more great information.

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