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What Window Tinting is Legal in Virginia?

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Do you know what window tinting is legal in Virginia? Trust Daniel’s Auto Glass for quality window tinting in Bassett, VA. Tinted windows can make cars stand out. They can also serve as a great way to keep your car comfortable. Have you thought about how much tinting you can have? Under Virginia law, there are certain limitations for your car. Here’s a look at how those laws work courtesy of tintinglaws.net.


The Level of Darkness Depends on What Window You’re Working On

You can have non-reflective tint under Virginia law. However, the level depends on what window you want it for. The windshield needs the tint to be above the AS-1 line which equals in the top five inches.

Front side windows need to allow 50 percent or more light into your car. Backside windows and rear windows must allow 35 percent or more. The law is different for both SUVs and Vans for the back windows. Reflection levels can’t be more than 20 percent.


There are Regulations on the Colors That You Can Use

It is against the law to install colors like amber, red, and yellow. You will need dual side mirrors if you have tinted windows. No manufacturers must show that the film was sold in Virginia, either. There are sticker requirements and failure to comply can result in a class three misdemeanor. The charge elevates to class two for subsequent offenses.


How Does Window Tinting Work and How Much Does It Cost?

Tinting works to keep specific sun rays from entering your car. That helps keep the most dangerous rays from hurting you, your family, and your interior. How much is kept out depends on the metal, dye, or ceramic.

The cost depends on where you get the job done. The average cost for tinting is about $135-$150 for two-door cars. If you drive a four-door vehicle, the price typically is $175-$200. SUVs and other larger vehicles can cost $200 to $350.



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