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Determining if You Can Repair Your Windshield

Daniel’s Auto Glass Knows When You Can Repair Your Windshield

Do you need help determining if you can repair your windshield? Daniel’s Auto Glass in Bassett, VA has the answer in this month’s blog. Cracks in windshields are not fun to deal with, but that doesn’t mean you have to replace it. Sometimes, you can repair a windshield, but it depends on the kind of damage it has. Let’s consider what allows for a windshield repair, according to Car Windshields.

Chips and Cracks Are Repairable – Most of the Time

Many times, your chips and cracks are fixable. It depends on the size of the damage to the windshield. You should also consider type, depth, and location of the damage. There are a few things that can impact the damage, including contamination, location, and the severity of the damage.

Repair Shops Can Take Care of Various Types of Damage  

If you’re dealing with damage that is one inch in diameter, and cracks about three inches long, the damage is fixable. If it’s longer than a dollar bill, more times than not you will need a new windshield. If the chip is from a rock, a windshield repair kit is simple enough to get the job done. Remember, not every case is the same. That’s why Daniel’s Auto Glass is here for when you need windshield repair.

Consider There Are a Wide Variety of Cracks You Can Deal With

The common cracks you deal with are star break, bullseye, partial bullseye, crack chip, ding, and pit. If the damage is no larger than a quarter, Daniel’s Auto Glass can repair it. But if there are multiple cracks, you may have to get replacement glass. Check with our qualified technician to determine if a repair is possible.

Location Can Make Repairing Your Windshield Tricky

If another auto glass company has repaired your windshield, you know that discoloration can happen. It can also result in mistiness or unevenness. Those can cause trouble for drivers if it’s within their sightline. Your technician should consider all possible drivers when determining sightlines. If they can’t see the full crack or chip, replacement may be inevitable.

If you need help with determining if you need windshield repair, call Daniel’s Auto Glass in Bassett, VA  (540) 489-4013. Check out our Facebook for more tremendous information. We can help you with determining if you can repair your windshield.