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Can a Windshield Crack Grow?

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In this month’s blog, Daniel’s Auto Glass in Bassett, VA is answering this question: “Can a windshield crack grow?” Initially we may not think much of that newly formed crack in our windshield. But that does not mean it’s going to keep that same shape. Sometimes that damage gets worse without us even realizing it. Glass.com helps us explain how that windshield crack can grow to shattered glass.

Moisture and Temperature Plays a Role in How Fast Cracks Expand

Your windshield has several layers that make up its structure. There are two pieces of glass with plastic in between. That leaves you at risk of getting moisture in your car. The outside temperature can also affect the structure.

Hotter temperatures tend to have a worse effect on the windshield than colder temperatures do. But that does not mean colder temperatures can’t cause damage. Cold temperatures cause contraction, and that includes with glass.

Make Sure You’re Keeping Dirt Out of Your Windshield

Think of everything you must clean on a typical day. Keeping dirt out of your damaged windshield comes with its own problems. You can use a temporary fix, such as clear tape until you repair the damage. That saves you from having an impeded view. Even though you have this temporary solution, that shouldn’t stop you from getting a permanent repair. Daniel’s Auto Glass provides expert windshield repair in Bassett, VA, and beyond.

Avoid Bumps on the Road Both Figuratively and Literally

No one wants to come across bumps on the road to their destination. But sometimes that’s not a realistic thing. You should be careful that your car doesn’t have to take on that stress. Hitting a bump can cause even worse havoc for your vehicle’s damaged windshield. The crack may grow even more than it already has.

No Matter the Damage, Get Windshield Repair as Soon as Possible

The sooner you get your vehicle to an expert, the better. Qualified repair professionals will take a close look at your situation, and make the best decision for your situation. Make sure they have the skills to take care of these situations. Trust Daniel’s Auto Glass in Bassett, VA for the job.

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