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Windshield Replacement and Your Warranty

Daniel’s Auto Glass Handles Your Windshield Replacement Warranty

Daniel’s Auto Glass in Bassett, VA is answering your questions regarding windshield replacement and your warranty in this month’s blog. Windshields, like every other part of your car, might need replacing from time to time. But when do these jobs end up affecting your car warranty? That’s something that some drivers may not think about. Here are some ways windshield replacement affects your warranty.

Do Warranties Cover Damaged Windshields?

Do warranties cover damaged windshields? Yes, they can be depending on what damages there are, and how the damages happened. Some companies have a defined time frame for you to make these repairs at no out-of-pocket cost. This depends on the company you bought the car from and the maker of the vehicle. You should be aware of this at every step. Depending on the circumstances, this will have no effect on your warranty.

What Damage Does the Warranty Not Cover?

Most warranties will not cover car damage if it’s the result of regular wear and tear. The normal life span of a windshield is five years. If you do need a new windshield, Daniel’s Auto Glass provides replacement glass. If your damage is the result of poor driving practices, that can also block you from benefits. Keep in mind these reasons why you may also not be able to get warranty benefits:

  • Changes To Your Car that Are Not Allowed
  • Theft and Vandalism
  • Not Getting Scheduled Maintenance and Repair Work
  • Damages to the Appearance of the Car

Are There Items That Could Nullify My Car Warranty?

When it comes to your windshield, the most common issue that pops up is the use of aftermarket parts or modifications. Your dealer must prove that is the case under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975.

Having a poorly performing part is not enough to void your warranty. If the reason is not clear, your dealer could ask you to bring it in for diagnosis. If you don’t install it the right way or there was a poor fix, your dealer can void that part of your warranty. Check out Edmunds.com for more great information.

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